Amelia Agosta offers alteration service on your new or pre loved goods. There are several possibilities for altering garments, whether it is preserving the life, modernising the design or tailoring an outfit to fit exactly to your measurements.

Amelia has altered several garments from simple alterations to more complex designs. The process includes dissembling the original, altering the specific area and then re-constructing the whole garment back to its original form. Alterations include hemming trousers, skirts, taking up sleeves, taking in and letting out garments for casual day wear, work wear, special occasions, bridesmaid and or weddings dresses.


Please note that different garments and fabrics require special methods and techniques when altering. without seeing and looking inside the garment it is difficult to fully understand the complexity of the alteration. Please send get in touch for a detailed quote and timeline. 

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